Wait For few more days…

Hello, welcome back. After a long long time am writing here. Had a little control over English in my university days. But writing skill is already gone. Now what remains constant is reading books and browsing websites. Because of this having little knowledge over English.

I don’t know what to write here, but have to write something. If it is read by one person, its enough for me.  All of my blogs may have a new look by the year end. May be some people get surprise.

Being brought up in Kannada schools till my higher studies, its very hard to write in English here. But will try posting at least two or three posts in a month. A will power may give a success in my writing. life in general, work, family, friends etc have their own place in writing.

Will come back soon, till than good bye. Happy Reading.




Welcome to Aralida Akshara. Its my pleasure to start a blog with ‘Kavithe’ (poem) written by my friend. The poem is titled To You. It has only five letters. But it depicts the entire meaning of Friendship. It creates a feeling towards a friend. On the occasion of friendship day a warm wishes of friendship day.

Now its the time “To You”.

You wiped the tears

That fell not from my eyes

And saw the well

Build up in me

A fortress of stone

Become an unfeeling heart.

Your words, stupid

Wise and funny

Broke the barrier

I feel again

Shades of joy,anger,

Sorrow and all that

You make me laugh

You make me cry

you make me feel

Whole again

You make me be

Me again

Life is good

Because you are there

My friend, my confidante,

A support system

You are the best

I ever knew.

If you enjoyed leave your comment and keep coming back…:-)